Are We There Yet: Palm Sunday

April 2, 2023

Series: Vision

Scripture: 1 Corinthians

Well, Marcus. Welcome to Florida. At least you’re no longer freezing, but you’re probably still soaking wet half the time. I love the rain here, and we are about to hit our rainy season, but not on Easter. Yeah. So I appreciate Steve Stevenson kind of putting the context of today’s service together, this idea of Palm Sunday. And we’re not as traditional as most churches in the sense of kind of following this calendar from Palm Sunday onto Easter, but I think we’ve tried to do that more and more, and I love this tradition, although I didn’t really like it as a kid, I have to admit. This is me in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I grew up. I’m the short guy in the front. And there is a lot of things that Easter as a kid tends to over promise and under deliver. It comes on the heels of Christmas, which is about Christ’s birth. But it seems like Christmas is amazing. You get two weeks off school, you get all kinds of toys and presents, you have food, and it’s an amazing holiday. And so Easter kind of shouldn’t Easter, like, be, this is the resurrection. I mean, this is even better than the birth of Christ.

And so as a kid, you sort of wake up and maybe there’s an Easter basket there, and if you’re like my family, my mom just tends to grab everything that was just in the refrigerator ten minutes later, like oranges, apples, and all of these placeholders and a little candy at the beginning. And it’s like, mom, can you just put all this stuff back in the refrigerator? I haven’t eaten it my whole life. What makes you think that in a basket it’s any better?

But nevertheless, dressing up was also traumatizing as children. Right? Like, to wear that coat and that tie was like humiliation. I mean, I guess they were trying to teach us the Via dela Rosa, the way of suffering on into church as we went, and it just seemed like it was more church. So as a kid, it’s a holiday that in some ways over promised and under delivers. Is that blasphemous to say about our Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection, the one event in history that has changed all of mankind? Yeah, it probably is. But as a kid, at least, it was planted. That seed of faith and suffering was planted and came to bloom much later in my life. But we are going to go on a journey today through the Palm Sunday, but really through all of God’s covenants with mankind. Because I think what Palm Sunday shows us is that even when you’re in the moment in the presence of the King of Kings, and you don’t always recognize actually what this moment means. Does that make sense? Just like me as a kid, there’s no way I could know the power of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, even when you’re in that moment.

And so I do liken it to a road trip. Now, I didn’t do this at the first service, but I’m curious as to our road trippers here. How many of you guys have done the road trip with the entire family in the car? And then I want to see what’s maybe the record in here. I think of the Andersons. Did you guys do California to Florida, or was there a plane involved in that? So you did? What about the other three? Yeah, they hopped on a plane. I’m talking kids and food and smell and mattresses and sleep. All right. The Alesh family, what’s? Every year? Minnesota to Florida. Blooms. Yeah, there’s a lot of New Yorkers that New York to Florida trip is a frequent one. Yeah. The Everets. LA to Jackson, like you said, that in the same sentence as La to. Wow. God bless you. And how many of there are you? I’ve lost count even. There’s only six. Anyone have that beat? I think I’m moving on. The Jollies, Florida to Denver. Yeah, that’s no joke. Well, so this was sold to many people, including my family, as a nine passenger vehicle. We weren’t concerned so much about the safety of how those nine passengers would get there. But remember the seats? How many guys did the country squire? So we had a country squire. You fold up the seats in the back again, there’s nothing to strap you to the car. You’re just sort of free and roaming. And we had stuffed animals and mattresses and food and everything. So if you saw, I have three older brothers. They were in the middle seat. Then my sister and I got the back seat. Mom and dad are up front. And we lived in Colorado. That’s where I grew up. We had family in California and in Oklahoma. And it seems like I think we did the California trip once, which that’s about 20 hours of driving.

But the Fort Collins to Norman, Oklahoma trip was a lot more frequent. And if you’ve driven through those flyover states, there’s a reason why they’re called flyover states. At any point during those 14 hours when your dad said, just enjoy it and look out the window, this was all you could see. So even 14 hours seems like an eternity when it’s just cornfields. But are we there yet? Right? Isn’t that the nagging question? Are we there yet? The Jensens did you guys California to Montana. What’s that? Oh, my gosh. Yeah.

The question on everyone’s mind, including the parents, is, are we there yet? Are we there yet? This is a long journey, and for my dad, there was one year I’ll never forget because it’s etched in my memory as a deep wound. My boys know this story. I think he had finally just had it with us. And so he said, all right, if you guys just behave, if you just shut up, if you get quiet and get happy, on our way, we will stop at the chocolate factory. And I’m thinking, wow, I didn’t even know that was a real thing. So in the backseat now, my sister and I, rather than pester my dad, it was an effective method of keeping us in check.

We began to just think of what is the chocolate factory? I wonder what it’s like. And the Willy Wonka movie was out, that movie. So, I mean, are there slides? Do you get to swim in it? Do you get to drink it while you’re swimming and peeing in it? What is this place going to look like? And how much do we get to eat, and what do we get to buy, and what do we get to take home? And so after 14 hours, as we pull into our driveway, I’m like, dad, what was this promise of the chocolate factory? And you didn’t get a good look at my house that I grew up in, but my dad tried to pass it off as if this is the chocolate factory. This is what I was talking about the whole time. Look, it’s brown, the ultimate. After the last service, someone asked if I had been into therapy. So that’s me as a kid in front of apparently the chocolate factory.

Now that I’m a father and I’ve been on a few of these road trips, I kind of realized that in his mind the prophecy had been fulfilled because as a father or a mom, and when you are behind the wheel and all of that precious cargo is with you for hours and hours.

And we had had some harrowing drives over Christmas between Colorado and Norman, Oklahoma with ice storms, with cars breaking down during ice storms. I mean, I remember sitting in the car with the car off for like 3 hours while they went and found a mechanic in the middle of the night and got that thing going again. So to my dad pulling into the house, sleeping in your own bed, delivering your family safely there. And was there chocolate in the house? Yes, it was Christmas and we always had a house full of food and sweets. So it was not what I expected and I don’t recommend that technique, dads. But we were home and in his mind there’s nowhere else he would rather be and to get us out of the car and safely inside, sleeping in our own beds. And so it reminds me that there are things that do not live up to our expectations. i.e. The chocolate factory.

And I do thank Steve for kind of setting up. We’re not going to read this, but you can read about the triumphal entry of which we call Palm Sunday and Jesus coming in, riding in as this king, the King of Kings. And Steve mentioned one of the prophecies about Jesus that was fulfilled simply as he rode into Jerusalem on the donkey from the prophet Zechariah. But if you look at it, the hopes of what Jesus would be were much greater than just one prophecy in the Book of Zechariah. Right? Again, we’re going to fly through these. But you know that there are so many things that were spoken about who Jesus would be and what he would fulfill and what he would do. And so for the Israelites, who he would become and what he would be had been built up in their mind now for generation after generation for hundreds of years, not just a 14 hours car ride to use their imagination. They had to use their imagination for hundreds of years after Babylon and Assyria and Greece, and now Rome ruled over them. And they knew that one day their prophet would come as God foretold through Moses. One day they knew, as the psalmist wrote, that their great conqueror would come and that all things, all of their enemies would be put under his feet. They knew that he would become a priest, their high priest, their religious leader, their intermediate between them and their holy God Jehovah, and that he would also be judge. He would rule, he would make right judgments, he would bring justice to the oppressed. They knew that he would be the governor, that the government would now be on his shoulders, that he would be mighty God, the wonderful Counselor, the Father and Prince of Peace, all the Trinity. Though they didn’t even really have a concept of the Trinity, all of that is fulfilled right in Christ. They knew that he would come from the line of David, that he would succeed David as King, and that once he sat on the throne of David, that that sovereignty would last for eternity, that his kingdom would never end. And again, we can send you the notes if you want, but these are just prophecies, some of the most popular prophecies about who Jesus would be. And one that they knew for sure, one very specific was that out of Bethlehem, one of the clans, the smallest tribes, their ruler would come. And of course, we know that circumstances unforeseen took Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem for that prophecy to be fulfilled. So that Jesus’s life was a result of all these prophecies being fulfilled. So as he’s riding in on that Palm Sunday, on that triumphal entry, it’s not just this king, but it is this prophet, this conqueror, this high priest, judge, this God counselor, prince of Peace, king of King, Son of David, Son of man, sovereign, Eternal King, ruler over all Israel.

That’s only the expectations that were on Jesus’s shoulders and on that little donkey’s shoulders as Jesus rode in. And I think we know what happened, right? In four days, he did not live up to those expectations. He was examined by the chief priests and the Pharisees and the Sadducees. And really, this entire calendar follows the Passover and the Exodus calendar to a T each and every day. And it’s exciting to see that calendar unfold, where as the Passover Lambs would be slaughtered, that Jesus, our Passover Lamb, would be slaughtered. So all of this was done in accordance with God’s will, but it was done right in front of the people who he came to fulfill all of these prophecies. But it wasn’t in a way that they expected it to be fulfilled, was it? And I think when you look back at all of the covenants between God and man, when God created the heavens and the Earth, his plan was that these two spheres, these two realms would always be working together.

Now, there are places where we don’t understand the heavens, we don’t understand the spiritual forces, we don’t actually even get to see them. And then there are places that on Earth, it just seems like, gosh, that’s void of all spirituality, right? But we do know that God has this idea that in the intersection of heaven and Earth, that’s where God’s will is done. And I will tell you. This is the prayer I struggle with the most. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I sometimes just think, the Earth, nothing is going to get done according to the way God wants it done. That’s only in Heaven, that’s only after this sinful world goes away. And so this is a prayer of hope, but it’s a prayer of expectation. And gosh, this can really let us down if we’re not careful. It’s a prayer that we need to keep praying, though. We need to keep praying. God, let your will be done here on earth. No, don’t just give up on this world. God loved the world that he gave us, his only Son, so that his will could be done on this earth. But when you see all of creation and all of the covenants God made with man, he had a place where heaven and earth would meet.

And so in the Garden of Eden, you see the presence of God, you see the presence of man, you see the presence of all of earth and all of creation, but you also see God walking in the cool of the garden with them. That’s what God wants, is for heaven and earth to be together. Did Adam and Eve see it? It was right in front of them, and they just felt like, what’s next? And so, years later, after God rescued his people from slavery in Egypt, he brought them out and made a special relationship. And he also wanted there to be a special place where his people, where God’s people and God could actually meet in person, where God’s presence would dwell. And that is the tabernacle. And they were traveling. They were on the ultimate road trip. Talk about, Are we there yet? That’s a 40 year, Are we there yet? And so God said, okay, at the Tabernacle is where heaven and earth meets. In fact, it filled with God’s presence to where people couldn’t even see. And the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire, and God’s presence never left them for 40 years.

Did they see it? They were always thinking about the next thing, well, when we get to the Promised Land, it’s always going to be better when we get to the chocolate factory, you know what I mean? Now, wouldn’t that be no, God’s not going to do that to us. He’s not going to deac us. You thought the heaven would be great. No, it is going to be great, but we’re not jumping ahead yet. You are. I am, but we’re not there yet.

So by the time they got to Israel and they settled in the Promised Land, you’d think, all right, let’s get rid of the tent. Let’s really build this place where 440 years later, they finally get around to, you know what, God’s been in a tent for the last 440 years. We should probably build a more permanent structure since we live here now. So they built a temple, and really, even when it was finished, Solomon said, even if the heavens can’t contain you, God, how much less this temple? But nevertheless, that’s what the place where heaven and earth met. And God commanded his people to go to Jerusalem to really spend time with him and in his presence in the covenant under the law. Did they see the presence of God even when it was in their midst. And so when you think of Jesus coming as the Son of man, as the fulfillment of all these prophecies, as the place, the literal place where heaven, God in the flesh and earth, flesh and blood and bones and, do you guys have anything to eat? And let’s share a meal together. Like that is the ultimate meeting of heaven and earth. God in the flesh. And even the night that Jesus was betrayed, the disciples are like, Show us the Father, and that’ll be enough. And Jesus says, don’t you know me after I’ve been with you all this time? Can you imagine that? Like, finally God’s plan to dwell with men, heaven and earth, and they’re actually there sharing the communion that would be our communion forever. And he’s like, what’s next? Are we there yet? And don’t you just wish, like, Come on, we’re there. But I do think that we are the same way. It’s easy to kind of look back at those covenants and go, man, why didn’t they get it?

What about the covenant that we’re in now? Do we understand the meeting place of heaven and earth? Well, the first meeting place when you’re baptized into Christ, when you confess Jesus as Lord the Holy Spirit comes to live in you. I don’t know about you, but I am often underwhelmed at my own spirituality. Rarely do I think this is the meeting place of heaven and earth, God dwelling inside of me. I rarely think of it that way. Because there’s still so much earth left. That’s kind of the bad part. I kind of wished for a little more heaven. And I think that’s why we’re striving to be spiritual. We’re striving to keep people in our lives. We’re striving to confess our sin. We’re striving to pray. We’re striving to read. We’re trying to get more of the Spirit and feed the Spirit because this is where heaven and earth meets, is in the body and the heart and mind of every believer. But then when we come together, that is the holy temple. This is the fulfillment which God calls the manifold wisdom of God. Like, even with Jesus, he was just a placeholder. He was very temporary, 33, probably years on earth.

But God’s ultimate design, what he had been leading up to, is the church. And then I’m in the church thinking, okay, this is it? You know what I mean? This is what we’ve been waiting for all these years. God, show us something else. And Jesus is saying, don’t you know me, I’m like in your midst right now. And so I do think that disillusionment is part of our spiritual journey. It just is. Because earth and heaven, they have yet to fully function together because of the curse and because of sin. And so I do think at times when we are disillusioned, the temptation to just go back to sin. And maybe since this has underwhelmed me so much, maybe we should go back. And every covenant, they kind of did that, right? Every covenant, they sort of chose sin over God’s presence. And Sean was going to share a little bit about that and then we’ll finish up.

Okay. Amen. Well, it’s great to be with all of you. Yeah, I was thinking with the two circles he had in kind of a different way. When you have heaven and earth meeting together, another place that it does meet us is even in our own temptations with sin. Because you’ve got heaven, you have God and His Word and his righteousness and holiness, and then you have us and our own sinful nature and those two collide a lot. But sin is like that. It definitely is an expectation and a promise that really, really under delivers every single time. And my daughter and I were talking yesterday about how Satan is so not creative. He’s been using the exact same lies and tactics from the very, very beginning. When he tempted Eve in the garden, all he was trying to do was to make her see that God was not who he was, that his words were not true, and that his promises were certainly not going to be fulfilled. And I think when he did that, there was a moment probably with Adam and Eve that felt fulfilling to kind of go against what God had said.

But very, very quickly it turned into shame and guilt and isolation and distance from God, their true protector, the one who truly loved them. But today it’s the same thing. I mean, Satan, again, he’s just not creative. He can’t think of new things to do. So he just uses the exact same tactics that he used back then. And so when we come to a place that we’re going through something and we feel like God is not coming through on his promises, that His Word is not actually true, and that following it is certainly not going to bring us into a good place or it won’t bring any promises to fulfillment. We’re also in a place of being very vulnerable to Satan’s lies and to his tactics to take us away from God. We can begin to feel like the promises in the world are fulfilling because the truth is that they are for a moment, always. Otherwise we wouldn’t actually go down that road.

But when we do that. When we think that and we start believing that, it actually really affects us spiritually. We can get to a place where we say, well, why am I even fighting for my marriage anyway? I mean, God hasn’t come through on the promises that he said he would with X, Y and Z. I think I’m just going to try to put my hope in this relationship, a relationship that’s maybe not following God. I’m going to overindulge in this area. Could be food, could be alcohol, could be computer games or something else that brings you into a place that you think is going to make you feel better. And it does for a minute and then it doesn’t. We can get to a place where we say, well, I’m not going to give my heart anymore. I am done with that. Being in isolation or just kind of being cordial with people is actually going to make me a lot more happy than what giving my heart does and feeling disappointed and that hurt is. Diving deeper into my work. That’s going to bring the full fulfillment that I need. Or fill in the blank, whatever it might be for you.

Because no matter what the sin is or the lie that Satan tells looks like for you, one thing is certainly true. It will always, always leave us in a place that falls short of our expectations. Sin always leaves us distant from God. Always. Sin always leaves us in a place of shame and guilt and it leaves us even distant from other people. That’s just the nature of sin. My life has had some, I would say, kind of unique challenges lately, things that I just haven’t personally experienced lately before. And my temptation to believe the lie that God is not coming through on his promises is actually very real. And I’ve been tempted to pull back from people. I’ve been tempted to not be open. I’ve been tempted to not be vulnerable. I’ve been tempted to just protect my heart. I mean, even sharing this on a Sunday morning is very challenging. Like, it opens me up to where I would much rather just be cordial with all of you and not actually go there. But I’ve realized over the years that that actually doesn’t change anything in the long run. It doesn’t do any good.

And trying to control the outcome of everything in my life just leaves me more empty and it’s very fruitless. So I’m in a place now of having to make a decision every day to push forward, to stay engaged in the spiritual battle no matter what, to trust that God is good, that he loves me and he loves the people around me that I love and that he’s in control and working even when I don’t see it. That’s hard for me. But what’s the challenge for all of us and kind of what’s the answer is really holding on to the promises of God, holding on to the things that we find in the Bible, trusting that through the darkest of times that he’s working even when we don’t see it. And when we came in today to the earlier service and we sang that song, the lyric that says in you is all I need. You are my breath, you are my life, you are my everything. I thought that’s it, that’s it right there is that we have to really trust that, that he can actually be our everything.

You know, so let’s commit to each other. Let’s commit to helping each other, to not be deceived by the empty promises of the world and to really hold on to the promises that are true, those from God.

Good job, Sean Mead. When you were talking, I was looking at this scripture and I haven’t read a lot of them. They’re there for your reference. But I thought of Jesus saying, don’t you know me when I’m in your midst? And then Paul telling people, don’t you know, right? Don’t you know that your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit that you have received from God? It’s this don’t you know? And then there’s another one, the next one that talks about the churches. Don’t you know that you yourselves, right, are God’s temple and that God is dwelling in your midst through the Holy Spirit? There’s this kind of reminder of don’t you know that? Like, yes, but we’re in the moment, we can’t see it, and our hearts and minds maybe are set on a different destination instead of really enjoying the moment. And I do think of the build up of what Jesus would be and then the let down of Easter week, of Palm Sunday, that was prophesied. But I think it can happen right now in the church, because when you look at all those lists of the things that Jesus was supposed to be, there’s more. Even in the New Testament, look at what the church is supposed to be. The city of the living God, the New Jerusalem angels and joyful assembly. The Holy temple, a sacred temple, the temple of the living God, mount Zion, the body of Christ, bride of Christ, living stones, chosen people, royal priesthood, holy nation, God’s special possession, kingdom of God kingdom. The Bible keeps talking about what the church is supposed to be. And I’m like, what church is that? Do you have directions? Can you send me a drop pin? Because I want to find that church. And what would God say to us if he were here? Don’t you know each other after you’ve been in each other’s midst, if you’ve been in each other’s presence? And this is my body broken for you. These are broken people that are willing to love you, forgive you, care for you, feed you, clothe you, whatever you need. These are the people that I have deployed to be with you in this journey.

And this is a big car. I don’t know where we’re going, but this thing seats a lot. And there are bathrooms on it as well. So I don’t know how much food we’ve got, but it’s going to be a long trip. It’s going to be a long journey and I think we need to enjoy the destination rather than just saying, are we there yet? And just sort of treating God’s people with contempt. Does that make sense? Let’s actually enjoy this trip because, yes, there is a destination and no, I don’t think God is sort of hyping it up to be the chocolate factory and it’s actually not going to like, wait, what? But the interesting thing we just did, the book of Revelation, all of Revelation kind of points to the same scenario where God comes down to dwell with men. The Holy city of Jerusalem. We always think we’re finally going to get to leave, and yet in Revelation, it paints the other picture. It’s the Holy City coming down out of heaven from God to dwell with his people again.

And I can’t wait. Right? Because I do think it’s going to be amazing. And the Bible says, no eye is heard, no mind has conceived what God’s going to be like. And to me, even if it’s here, even if it’s here, the one thing that Revelation says is there’s no longer any curse.

And I think that’s what makes everything different. There’s no longer this margin of earth and sin and places to go to hide from God. Now his light is ever with us. We don’t need the sun, the moon, the stars anymore. It’s the presence of God that will light this place up for all time.

So I don’t know what that destination is going to be like. A lost dad driving through the road. I don’t know when we’re going to get there. I don’t know how we know when we got there. I don’t know what it’s going to look like and I’m not even sure the location, if it’s heaven, earth, or somewhere in between. I don’t know. But we got to fix our eyes on what is ahead. Amen.

When we took our road trip, our longest was California to Colorado. And there is an excitement. This was the first time we did Fresno, like Southern California to Fresno. 5 hours. That was our kind of trial balloon. Then we decided, all right, I think we can make it all the way. And we haven’t moved for 3 hours. So, guys, now it’s going to take us 23 hours, which is why we don’t live there anymore.

And as soon as you leave and you’re on your way to Vegas, yeah, it is pretty empty. You start thinking, oh, this is a little bit like our drive to Kansas. And yes. Where is that? Is Nick still here? Zizinks. Remember zizinks road? Yeah. It’s off the 15 on the way to Vegas. That’s a real place. Dink knows. Yeah, we know what’s up. And eventually, with the right cocktail of Benadryl no, we don’t do that. It’s actually usually the opposite. It’s why did we feed them sugar and fast food? And now it’s the middle of the night and they’re wide awake. No, but eventually they sleep. But it’s amazing that even if they’re asleep and Sean and I are driving and you’re with your family and you realize, wow, just look out the I 15 on your way through Royal Gorge, right on the way through Utah, and to see some of the things. And then you start realizing why you do these trips because your kids grow up so fast. And for you as a dad and a mom, to be able to spend that extended time, there’s nowhere for them to go. They’re there with you. They’re in the car. We’re together as a family. And again, are you there yet? Now I realize now I’m a dad. Now I’m inventing stuff. Just look out the window, just enjoy the moment. We’re together as a family. We don’t get to do this. All that makes sense to me, which means I’m old. And the other thing that you get to see if you’re doing a really long road trip, something I probably never see, and it’s available to me every day, is to watch the sun go down at night, like just every minute of it until it’s pitch black and there’s just nothing but stars. That’s awesome. And then that next morning to see the sun come back up and realize, I need more coffee and a bathroom break, but we’re still doing it. And this is I 70 going through Glenwood Canyon. I mean, just gorgeous. So it’s not Kansas. And this is actually the exit to get to Sean’s house near Evergreen, Colorado. These are some pretty amazing destinations.

So I think the church is pretty amazing. I love trying to make her better. I know that Christ could have married way up. For us to pick him as his collective bride, He has settled for less than what he could have married. But he chose us to be his bride. And so I don’t want to be guilty of missing the moment by asking, are we there yet? Because I think the journey is worth it. The journey that we’re on with the family of God in the car together, and we’ve got a lot of drivers. That’s cool. So we can rotate. We don’t all just have to. Dad is going to get us there. Literally, whenever my mom would drive, she would get lost. Even on the way from Colorado to Oklahoma, it’s I 70 to I 35. That’s it. But if my mom was driving, somehow that one turn would get missed.

Because I don’t want to be this person. I don’t want to be the person that the light of God is in the world. Right. And this is what it was like to be Jesus. He was in the world. And though the world was created through Him, the world didn’t recognize Him. He came to that which is own, the ones waiting for the prophecies about Him, and they didn’t know Him, right? Even the woman at the well, when the Messiah comes, he’ll explain everything. And she just like, I who speak to you, I am he, and I have living water for you.

Man. It must have been cool and frustrating at the same time to be Jesus always going around like they don’t see it and I’m in their midst. I don’t want to be that person. Amen. Especially when it comes to the Church, the body by which Christ has purchased through his blood.

So do we believe that Jesus is all that? Is he the king of your heart? Have you really surrendered lordship to find Christ and his will for your life? Because that is your dropped pin. That’s where you’re going. Wherever he’s going to end us up, right in the coming age, it’s going to be wherever he decides that we’re going to go. And so you have to be following Christ. You have to be a part of this current age, following Christ to be a part of the next age. Secondly, do you believe the Church is all that? Do we treat it as this holy intersection of heaven and earth, the place that God has decided to dwell? He decided that. Amen. Or are we just waiting to arrive at our destination, right? Like kids in the backseat saying, Are we there yet? Or will you instead decide to enjoy the journey that you’re on with God and His Church?

We’ll end on a positive note, and then we’re going to sing Waymaker because there are some who receive Him. There are some that got it. They were in his presence, and they understood who he was. And so to those who receive Him, to those who believe in his name, he has given us the right to be children of God, children not born of natural descent or human decision or Meads or Sorensens or whoever it is you’re after, but God’s children. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the One and only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. And we didn’t obviously plan this, even with Steve doing the communion on this. And then Gil Jr. Was like, I know that you picked Waymaker to close. And I’m like, no, that was just God that chose to pick Waymaker, because there’s no lyrics that really fit the end of this sermon better than you are the Waymaker. I mean, he knows the way. He is the miracle worker. He’s the light in the darkness. That is who he is. And even if we don’t see it, he’s working. Even if we don’t feel it, he’s working. And he never stops working. So let’s sing and close in song.


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