We strive to educate and support individuals and families in a safe, Christ-centered environment and erase the stigma against mental health issues.


Welcome to the Mental Health Coaching Ministry!

Mental health issues touch all of us, no matter our age, culture, or socioeconomic background.  Maybe it’s not you, but you likely have friends, family members, or perhaps even your own children struggle with depression or anxiety.  That’s exactly why we have established the Mental Health Coaching Ministry:  no one has to fight this battle alone.  We are in this together!

What is the Mental Health Coaching Ministry ?

  • This ministry provides trained mental health coaches who can assist and counsel in areas such as depression, anxiety and stress, difficult life experiences, relational conflict, grief recovery, trauma, etc. for all ages.
  • The coaches offer active listening and spiritual direction pointing individuals to God.
  • The Biblical principles emphasized are love, grace and hope.
  •  The ministry utilizes a brief counseling approach of typically 4 to 12 sessions.
  • The coach will evaluate the need for referral to other resources, professional counselors, and will provide referral information.
  • Confidentiality between the coach and individual is strictly adhered to except in cases listed on the “Informed Consent” form.